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Your Microsoft Solutions Partner, Qualified Azure Expert MSP. Empower Your Data Journey with Excellence.

Make Forward

Data Integrity Services stands as a premier technology and consulting partner, offering comprehensive end-to-end solutions within the Microsoft ecosystem. As a dedicated team of subject matter experts, including Microsoft certified professionals. We are committed to delivering outstanding results for your business.

A Microsoft Partner of Distinction

As a Solutions Partner , We demonstrate our broad capability to help customers manage and govern their data to build analytics and AI, migration of key infrastructure workloads to Azure, modernise existing applications and build cloud-native apps and safeguard their entire organisation with integrated security, compliance, and identity solutions.

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Our values guide everything we do.We believe in honesty, customer focus, teamwork, innovation, respect and social responsibility.


We consider honesty to be our highest value. The trust that our customers, employees and business partners place in us is sacred. Everything we do, how we think, how we interact, will always be guided by the principle of always doing the right thing, especially when it is difficult to do. There is no real success without honesty


We believe that experience is crucial when serving our customers. We hire people with exceptional capabilities and potential. We support the spirit of constant growth and striving to achieve an ever-increasing level of knowledge. Our goal is to help each team member reach their highest potential.


We believe that we are trying to do our best. When we deliver the highest level of performance, the results demonstrate excellent performance, and our customers benefit from it. Our experience is confirmed by the fact that we provide stable excellent results that matter to the organizations we work with. The work is really done only when our customers are satisfied with what we do.


We will use our ability to act quickly and gracefully as a source of competitive advantage for our organization and for our customers. Our agility will be the key to ensuring the sustainable growth of our company and will be the main reason for the success of our customers, which will make us their preferred partner.


We believe that people are our main value. Since we only hire the most talented people, we encourage them to do their best every day. Every moment in our organization is an opportunity to showcase your talent and make an impact. Every member of the organization knows that he is authorized and trusts him to act in the interests of our organization and those whom we serve.


We are sure that the best days in the world are still ahead. We will develop our curiosity, harness the power of technology and use our resources to create innovative ideas and discover new ways of thinking. We do this as our part in making this world a better place.

Make forward, act sustainably.

Believing in the potential of a sustainable future, we always acknowledge “TECHNOLOGY” as a powerful tool to attain it. Being the pioneers in digital transformation, we strictly adhere to modernization and standardization in maintaining your valuable information and data, respecting the upcoming generation rights