Cloud Technology

AI and Machine Learning on Microsoft Azure

Data Integrity Services leverages the power of Microsoft Azure's AI and machine learning capabilities to help clients harness the potential of their data. Our team of experts designs and implements AI solutions tailored to specific business needs, enabling organizations to make data-driven decisions and gain a competitive edge.

Analytics on Microsoft Azure

At Data Integrity Services, we specialize in deploying comprehensive analytics solutions on Microsoft Azure. From data collection to visualization, our experienced team helps clients unlock valuable insights from their data, driving informed decision-making and improving business performance.

Build and Modernize AI Apps with Microsoft Azure

Data Integrity Services assists clients in building and modernizing AI-powered applications on the Microsoft Azure platform. With our deep expertise in AI technologies and application development, we help organizations leverage the latest innovations to create intelligent, scalable, and efficient solutions.

Data Warehouse Migration to Microsoft Azure

Our team at Data Integrity Services excels in seamlessly migrating data warehouses to Microsoft Azure. Leveraging our extensive experience and best practices, we ensure a smooth transition, enabling clients to benefit from Azure's scalability, flexibility, and advanced analytics capabilities.

DevOps with GitHub on Microsoft Azure

Data Integrity Services empowers organizations to embrace DevOps practices using GitHub on Microsoft Azure. Our seasoned professionals help streamline development workflows, automate deployments, and improve collaboration, enabling faster time-to-market and higher-quality software delivery.

Infra and Database Migration to Microsoft Azure

With Data Integrity Services, clients can confidently migrate their infrastructure and databases to Microsoft Azure. Our proficient team manages the entire migration process, minimizing downtime and ensuring data integrity, while leveraging Azure's robust security and scalability features.

Kubernetes on Microsoft Azure

Data Integrity Services provides expert guidance on implementing Kubernetes clusters on Microsoft Azure. Leveraging our deep understanding of container orchestration and Azure infrastructure, we help clients deploy and manage scalable, resilient, and efficient containerized applications.

Microsoft Low Code Application Development

Data Integrity Services specializes in developing low-code applications on the Microsoft platform. With our expertise in Microsoft Power Platform and other low-code tools, we empower organizations to rapidly build custom solutions that address their unique business needs, without extensive coding.

Business Intelligence

At Data Integrity Services, we excel in delivering end-to-end business intelligence solutions. From data integration and modeling to reporting and visualization, our skilled team helps clients transform raw data into actionable insights, driving strategic decision-making and business growth.

Intelligent Automation

Data Integrity Services enables organizations to automate repetitive tasks and processes using intelligent automation solutions. Leveraging AI, machine learning, and robotic process automation (RPA) technologies, we help clients improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance productivity.

Data analytics service

Data Integrity Services (DIS) offers a range of data processing and analysis solutions that are beneficial for examining various types of data and making informed decisions on different aspects of the business. Through our collaborative partnership, clients can gain new perspectives on their operations and business development. Moreover, they can access premium-quality data analysis with minimal effort and at a reasonable cost.

Contact our experts to learn about our services, analyze and visualize your data, and create a customized BI solution that will help your business grow while saving you money and time.

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Spheres of business intelligence applications

Data analytics is a multifaceted process that involves the use of diverse tools and practices. At Data Integrity Services (DIS), we provide our customers with a comprehensive range of services in this field, including consultancy, data management, mapping, quality assessment, and more. Our clients can benefit from accessing all the most popular services in the data analytics niche in one place.

Data management

Data Integrity Services (DIS) has a team of top experts who have worked for years in data management, including data collection, storage, protection, and organization.

Data warehousing

Our clients can rely on us to provide proper data warehousing, including the integration of information received from various sources into a dependable database.

Data transformation

We convert data from any possible format so that it becomes readable and compatible for analysis.

Data mapping

Our experts ensure a seamless process of data homogenizing by matching fields in different databases to improve the management, integration, and migration of data.

Data quality

We assess data quality with various parameters to guarantee that the information our clients receive meets all data quality standards.

Data analytics as a service

Data Integrity Services (DIS) provides our clients with all the advantages of a DAaaS (Data Analytics as a Service) platform, which is a fast-growing niche that is expanding up to 30% in the next following years.

Augmented analytics

We implement machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies to enhance the efficiency and precision of the entire data analysis procedure.

Data modernization

Data Integrity Services (DIS) helps customers complete error-free data modernization of any complexity, including transferring data from legacy databases to modern ones, including cloud technologies..

Data advisory and consulting

Our consultancy and advisory services help companies properly use the information in their business activities since only a few organizations know how to apply the data received from DA in their business routine..

Data visualization services

Skilled data engineers of our company leverage a range of data visualization tools to evaluate market trends and analyze business performance.

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Data visualization services

In the early stages of business establishment, dealing with large volumes of data can be challenging, causing project growth delays. At Data Integrity Services (DIS), we offer data visualization services to help manage and extract value from complex data. Our suite includes the following.

Data visualization consulting

Our data consultants help businesses select valuable data to optimize costs and find new solutions.

Data visualization implementation

Our expert team can implement reliable data visualization solutions that extract the right data and provide new insights on the needs of the target audience..

Data platform development

We develop customizable data visualization platforms that integrate data from various sources, create a centralized repository, provide data protection, and improve reporting and visualization.

Custom reports and dashboard development

We create tailored dashboards and reports that show key metrics for growing your company and improving business analytics..

Data analytics and visualization optimization

Our team of data engineers can optimize existing data management frameworks by improving processes or removing the dependency on manual data entry.

Data management

Our team includes experienced professionals with extensive expertise in the field of data management, covering various areas such as data collection, storage, protection, and organization.

Data visualization benefits

Sophisticated data analytics and visualization techniques are highly effective in enhancing business performance and forecasting potential risks. The following are main benefits of visualization.

To assist in making business decisions

Data visualization is an effective tool for decision-makers as it simplifies the explanation of ideas and aids in making informed choices.

To provide a clear understanding of business performance

By presenting data in a report, it becomes easier to evaluate the current status and future prospects of a business.

To enhance organizational productivity

By using data visualization, it is easy to identify weak points within departments or teams and predict future inefficiencies.

To quickly recognize patterns and reasons

Instead of sifting through vast amounts of data, data visualization enables information to be processed and analyzed quickly, making it easier to identify trends and root causes.

To discover valuable insights for your business

ENGLISH: To discover valuable insights for your business Data visualization has the potential to reveal captivating discoveries and prospects for business expansion while furnishing a rationale to support them.

To tell stories through data

Data, visuals, and narrative can be combined to create a compelling story that helps key decision-makers focus on the most important factors.

Data engineering services

At Data Integrity Services (DIS), we offer state-of-the-art data engineering solutions that can elevate your business to the next level. Our team of experts will design a top-notch infrastructure and streamline your data flow to extract valuable insights, boost productivity, and enhance overall performance. Additionally, our cloud data engineers can efficiently transfer your enterprise data in record time.

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Data engineering solutions we deliver

Data engineering involves handling vast amounts of unprocessed data, constructing and sustaining data pipelines to merge information from diverse sources, and organizing it into a single location for thorough business analysis. By transforming data into a usable format for data scientists to analyze, data engineers provide businesses with precise analytics that allow for fact-based decision-making. Accurate data processing enables companies to tackle intricate business problems and enhance the development of new products and services while minimizing costs.

Building Data Architecture

Our company provides customizable and easily accessible data architecture solutions. Our framework combines information about how data flows within a specific organization. Our data architecture solutions guide businesses towards achieving their goals.

Data Lake Implementation

Data Lakes manage the storage of large amounts of raw, unprocessed data until it is used by analytics applications. We offer Data Lake implementation, which allows businesses to increase productivity and growth without additional effort.

Data Warehouse Implementation

We create data warehouses that consolidate all of the company's information from multiple sources in a single repository, separate from the operational database. This information is then used to generate analytical insights.

Cloud Data Migration

Cloud migration can be a challenging process, but it is essential in modern business. Our cloud data engineers will set up your data lake and quickly move your enterprise data at an affordable cost.

Data Management and Compliance

Data management and compliance are crucial to ensure that all data is secured and adheres to government regulations and business rules. Our team guarantees that your data is adequately protected.

Data Analytics and Visualization

Our data engineering technologies utilize these tools to analyze and process large amounts of information and present it in an easy-to-understand way. This enables businesses to access data that can improve their operations

Data Engineering Consulting

Our expert team of engineers is fundamental to successful data management. Our data engineers design and manage data to prepare it for reporting, leading to better results and data-driven decisions.

Data Strategy and Roadmap

We can help you to develop a data strategy and roadmap, which outlines the steps needed to achieve your data-related goals and objectives.

We deliver end-to-end transformation, from strategy to execution and optimisation.

At the heart of DIS, data integrity and management services encompasses the entire journey of transformation. This overall conversion spans from strategy development to execution to optimization, for a comprehensive and absolutely secured end-to-end solution with AI, BI & Machine Learning specializations.

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