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At Data Integrity Services (DIS), we provide an extensive array of business intelligence services, comprising BI development, BI consulting, custom development, BI support and maintenance, and self-service solution creation, among others. Our experts have helped numerous clients enhance their operational processes and attain fresh business insights. To learn more about our offerings, please refer to the information below.

Contact our experts to learn about our services, analyze and visualize your data, and create a customized BI solution that will help your business grow while saving you money and time.

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Data is one of the most valuable asset

Data & Computing

Expertise in extracting value from large datasets through the integration and management of cloud-based solutions.

ML & AI Operations

Implementing intelligent algorithms by incorporating Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for advanced decision-making.

Data Security

Ensuring strong measures to secure your valuable data by partnering with Microsoft Azure.

Data Engineering

Tailoring the power of data to derive meaningful insights by optimizing your computing infrastructure.

Data Streaming & Event

Transmitting data as it is generated in real time, and capturing events for later analysis & retrieval.

Data Story Telling

Crafting complex data in a way that tells a clear & coherent story through visually engaging narratives to enhance data presence.

Latest Insights

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Data visualization

Processing large volumes of data in varying formats can be challenging. However, we can assist you in developing a solution that will unify all your business data into a single format. Once this is done, the data can be


Business insights and data analysis

At our company, we not only conduct data analysis but also aid our clients in making decisions based on factual evidence rather than intuition. In reality, there is a significant disparity between business decisions made


DWH and ETL architecture

To store vast quantities of unstructured data and facilitate its straightforward migration, we employ data warehousing (DWH) and implement Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) processes for each project. This technical strateg


Custom BI solutions and components

Although there is a plethora of off-the-shelf business intelligence products available on the market, finding one that precisely fits your business requirements can be challenging. If you find yourself in this predicament, feel free to reach out to us to commission the creation of a custom solution tailored to your needs.


Enterprise business intelligence

We specialize in developing scalable business intelligence solutions for large corporations that can be easily upgraded and customized to meet evolving business demands and market trends as they arise.


Implementation of BI applications

Our proficiency extends beyond creating business intelligence solutions to efficiently integrating them into your existing systems.


BI consulting

If you are uncertain about the technology stack for your business intelligence solution or hesitant about its functionality and design, we can provide expert guidance based on industry best practices to help you make an


BI support & maintenance

Maintaining existing business intelligence solutions involves regular updates and technical support. We can address technical issues and incorporate new features as needed to ensure that your BI solution stays up-to-date


Self-service BI

By automating certain data analysis tasks, you can avoid the expense of hiring costly business analysts.

Benefits of business intelligence and analytics

When deployed effectively, business intelligence solutions offer a multitude of benefits to business owners, including enhanced organizational efficiency, dependable data, improved customer experience, and high-quality data analysis. In the sections that follow, we will outline some of the most common advantages of adopting a business intelligence approach.

Enhanced Organizational Efficiency

BI solutions can significantly improve the accuracy of business development scenarios and enable companies to allocate their resources more efficiently by processing real-time and historical data.

Structured Reliable Data

Rather than utilizing multiple software tools for disparate data sources, business intelligence and analytics solutions amalgamate, structure, and visualize data for further analysis.

Improved Customer Satisfactio

BI technologies quickly identify any breaches in customer service and offer ways to rectify them once implemented, resulting in more satisfied customers.

Fast and Quality Data Analysis

BI platforms can rapidly process substantial volumes of data, enabling business owners to promptly locate relevant information and make informed decisions.

Data visualization benefits

Sophisticated data analytics and visualization techniques are highly effective in enhancing business performance and forecasting potential risks. The following are main benefits of visualization.

Our expertise

  • De-Centralized Data Repository for Financial and Transactional Information.
  • Self-Service Reporting, Dashboards and Analytics.
  • Centralized Data Repository for Financial and Transactional Information.
  • Replace Legacy or Deficient Technology.
  • Build Optimized Data Sets for Specific and Targeted Needs
  • Enable Near Real-time Analytics with Enterprise Data Services.
  • Design of Business Intelligence and Information Delivery Systems.

Data Management

  • Data Conversion
  • Data Mapping
  • Data Cleaning
  • Data Discovery
  • Data Analysis and Validation
  • Data Migration

Data Warehousing

  • Cloud Data Warehouses
  • Snowflake
  • On-premise to Cloud Migration Solutions.
  • On-premise and Cloud DataWarehouse Architecture Solutions.
  • DataWarehouse that supports self-service reporting, Dashboards and analytics.
  • Microsoft Azure (Azure SQL Database, Azure AD, Subscriptions, Resource Groups, Azure Data Lake, Azure Blob Storage, Azure Synapse, Azure Analysis Services)

Data Ingestion

  • We implement ETL and ELT solutions
  • Data Engineering Tools: MS SQL Server, SQL Server Integration Services, Azure Data Factory, Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Data bricks, Python (Pandas)
  • Batch Processing: Apache Spark (PySpark).
  • Streaming Processing: Apache Kafka.
  • Monitoring Tools: SQL Server Agent, Azure Data Factory Triggers, Apache Airflow.

Data Analytics

  • We provide in-depth analytics for data to provide useful business insights.
  • Analysis Tools : SQL Server, MySQL, Postgres SQL, Snowflake Cloud SQL, Spark SQL.
  • Reporting Tools: MS Power BI, SQL Server Reporting Services, Tableau, QlikView, Qlik Sense.